Bond yields nudging down again

Sterling is a little steadier this morning, having been on the back foot earlier in the week, trading at just over 90p against the euro and at $1.2450 against the dollar, with the latter a touch weaker against the euro at around $1.1250.

Ahead of central bank meetings next week (ECB) and the week after (Fed), which are expected to signal or deliver cuts in interest rates,  bond yields in the core markets are nudging down again with German and US 10-year yields almost 10bps lower so far this week at -031% and 2.05% respectively

As concerns about a ‘no deal’ Brexit later this year come to the fore again, Michel Barnier says he is ready to work on alternative arrangements for the Border, albeit any such arrangements would need time to be operable

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that US-China trade talks, which have just resumed, have hit a stumbling block.

The annual rate of CPI inflation in the UK was unchanged in June at 2.0%, bang in line with the Bank of England’s  target

Data due today include retail sales in the UK and jobless claims in the US.