• Main currencies not much changed

    The main currency pairs are not much changed this morning with the euro still hovering just below $1.18 against the dollar and sterling trading just under $1.38 against the US currency, which leaves the pound marginally firmer against the euro at about 85.5p European equity markets closed slightly lower yesterday and are down a touch […]

  • Fed meeting this week

    The euro threatened to break lower against the dollar on a couple of occasions last week but it ended largely unchanged from the previous Friday trading just below the $1.18 level, while sterling also finished broadly flat on the week against the US currency at just over $1.3750. All of this meant that the single […]

  • ECB to remain very accommodative

    The euro is not much changed this morning following the ECB meeting yesterday, against the dollar it is trading a tad below $1.18 and has gained slightly on sterling, up to 85.75p, while the pound is hovering just above $1.37 against the US currency There’s not a whole lot of change in government bond yields […]

  • ECB meeting today

    The euro is largely unchanged against the dollar this morning trading a tad below $1.18, though it has slipped to under 86p against sterling with the latter have regained ground against the US currency to trade back above the $1.37 level again US equity markets rallied for a second consecutive session yesterday with European stocks […]

  • Dollar remains on the front foot

    The dollar remains on the front foot this morning and has strengthened to around $1.1750 against the euro and to under $1.36 against sterling, which in turn leaves the single currency trading firmer against the pound at about 86.5p (bringing its gains over the past week to around 1p) US equity markets regained ground yesterday […]

  • Dollar gains ground

    The dollar has gained some ground on the foreign exchange markets, as concerns about the spread of the Delta variant weighs on stocks. The US currency has strengthened to under $1.18 against the euro and to almost $1.36 against sterling, leaving the single currency-pound exchange trading at just over 86p European and US equity markets […]

  • Euro down a touch versus dollar

    The euro has slipped to just below $1.18 this morning and is now down about a cent from where it was a week ago. Against sterling, the single currency has picked up a marginal amount and is trading close to 86p, but still in a tight trading range. Sterling has therefore, lost ground to the […]

  • Euro a touch weaker

    The euro lost a marginal amount of ground to the dollar yesterday. The single currency dipped to touch off $1.18 while against sterling, the euro is trading at 85.5p. The euro remains a little off its lows of the week, reached on Wednesday US 10 year yields fell again yesterday, down to 1.3%, about 12bps lower […]

  • Euro marginally firmer

    The euro is a little firmer against the dollar and sterling trading back above $1.18 and just over 85.5p respectively this morning, while the pound is hovering around the $1.38 level against the US currency US 10-year bond yields have retreated from their highs of earlier in the week and are now about 10bps lower […]

  • US inflation picks up again

    The dollar has strengthened against the euro following the release of stronger than expected inflation data in the US yesterday, rising to just under $.18. It has firmed a touch against sterling to around $1.3850, which in turn leaves the single currency trading slightly lower against the pound at almost 85p Bond yields in the […]