• Bond yields higher again

    The pound has fallen against both the euro and the dollar to trade at 87p and $1.39 respectively this morning, down from this week’s highs of under 86p and $1.42, while the single currency has also lost some ground to the dollar to trade just over the $1.21 mark Bond yields rose further yesterday with […]

  • Euro firmer

    The euro is firmer against the dollar this morning, trading at $1.22, and has also gained some ground against sterling, moving back up above the 86p level. The pound is not much changed against the US currency, hovering in and around the $1.4150 level Equity markets in the US gained around 1% yesterday with European […]

  • Pound’s advance continuing

    Sterling continues to strengthen against both the dollar and the euro to trade at $1.42 and just under 85.75p respectively this morning, while the single currency is largely unchanged against the dollar at around $1.2150. The pound has traded for the most part in a range of about 83p to 94p against the euro since […]

  • Dollar on the back foot

    The euro and sterling have both gained some further ground against the dollar with the single currency trading not too far off $1.22 this morning and the pound looking like it might test the $1.41 level. This in turn leaves the euro-sterling exchange rate little changed overall at around 86.5p European and US stocks both […]

  • Further rise in bond yields

    Sterling chalked up solid gains against both the euro and the dollar last week, strengthening to around 86.5p and $1.40 respectively which is where it kicks off this week. The single currency bounced off  a low of almost $1.20 against the dollar to close out business on Friday little changed on the week overall at […]

  • Sterling on the front foot

    The pound is on the front foot this morning and has strengthened to almost 86.5p against the euro – its best level in just over twelve months – and to just shy of $1.40  against the dollar – its best level in almost three years. The single currency has also regained some ground against the […]

  • Euro loses ground

    The euro has lost some ground against both the dollar and sterling to trade back under $1.21 and below 87p respectively this morning. The pound is very marginally lower against the US currency trading just below the $1.39 level A notable feature of recent developments in markets has been an increase in core bond yields, […]

  • Main currencies little changed

    The main currencies are not much changed this morning though if anything sterling is nudging slightly higher, trading not far shy of $1.3950 against the dollar and very close to 87p against the euro. The single currency, meanwhile, continues to hover just below $1.2150 against the dollar European stocks chalked up solid gains yesterday, closing […]

  • Sterling firmer

    Sterling is on the front foot this morning having strengthened to $1.39 against the dollar – its highest level since early 2018 – and to not far shy of 87p against the euro. The latter regained some more ground against the US currency last week and kicks off this week at around $1.2150, which is […]

  • More of the same

    It is a case of more of the same really on the currency markets with not much change in the main exchange rates. The euro and sterling are trading at around $1.21 and $1.38 against the dollar respectively, leaving the single currency-pound rate still trading just below the 88p level European stocks ending marginally higher […]