• Dollar firmer again

    The dollar has gained some further ground against both the euro and sterling to trade below $1.17 and at about $1.27 respectively this morning, while the single currency-pound exchange rate is largely unchanged at 92p. European equity markets ended flat yesterday but their US counterparts gained around 1%, while core bond yields ended marginally higher on the […]

  • Dollar gains as stocks sell off

    The dollar gained ground yesterday as international equity markets sold off on the back of concerns about the path of the coronavirus in many countries. The US currency is trading more than a cent higher against the euro and sterling this morning at around $1.17 and $1.2750 respectively, which leaves the euro-pound rate knocking on the door […]

  • Sterling a little firmer on the week

    The euro traded in a range between $1.1750 and $1.1950 last week but closed out Friday little changed from the previous Friday trading at around $1.1850. Sterling recovered some ground over the course of last week, regaining about a penny to 91.5p against the single currency and  around a cent against the dollar to $1.29 […]

  • Euro recovers ground

    The euro has recovered ground against the dollar and is up almost a cent from yesterday morning to trade at just over $1.1850. Sterling is a touch firmer against the US currency at almost $1.30, leaving the euro-pound rate hovering just below the 91.5p level. Meanwhile, US equity markets closed lower yesterday while European stocks […]

  • Sterling firmer

    Sterling is firmer against both the euro and the dollar this morning ahead of the Bank of England’s monetary policy announcement later today, trading at just under 91p and at around $1.2950 respectively, while the euro has weakened by about a cent against the dollar since yesterday morning to trade sub $1.18 at the off today. European stocks ended […]

  • Main exchange rates steady

    The main exchange rates are largely steady this morning with the euro trading at around $1.1850 against the dollar and sterling trading at just under $1.29 against the US currency, leaving the euro-pound rate at about 92p (which is marginally lower than yesterday morning). European and US stocks both closed in positive territory yesterday, though […]

  • Dollar a touch weaker

    Both the euro and sterling have gained some ground against the dollar to trade at close to $1.19 and near $1.29 respectively this morning, leaving the single currency-pound rate largely unchanged at just over 92p. US equity markets kicked off the week on a positive note gaining more than 1% yesterday but European stocks ended […]

  • Main exchange rates steady

    The main exchange rates are broadly steady this morning. The euro is starting off pretty much in line with where it closed out last week against the dollar at around $1.1850, which is around a cent lower than where it was trading immediately following Thursday’s ECB meeting. Sterling, meanwhile, is hovering just above $1.28 and just […]

  • Sterling loses more ground

    The euro jumped to well over $1.19 against the dollar immediately following the ECB’s latest policy announcement yesterday but subsequently fell back to end little changed overall on the day at just above $1.18. Sterling lost further ground amid continuing Brexit woes, weakening to over 92p against the single currency and falling to $1.28 against the dollar. Meanwhile, US stocks reversed course, […]

  • ECB likely to stay on hold today

    The euro is marginally firmer against the dollar this morning trading at just over $1.18, as is sterling which is hovering around the $1.30 level against the US currency. This leaves the pound trading close to 91p against the euro, off its most recent high of under 89p in the middle of last week as […]