• A Thanksgiving lull

    Markets were understandably quiet yesterday given the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. On the currencies front, the euro continued to trade a little north of $1.19 against the dollar and at over 89p against sterling with the latter trading just shy of $1.34.  European stocks ended flat yesterday while core bond yields were unchanged ECB Chief […]

  • Main exchange rates steady

    The main exchange rates are steady this morning with the euro trading at around $1.19 against the dollar and at about 89p against sterling, while the pound is hovering just under the $1.34 level against the US currency. Equity markets treaded water yesterday, with European and US stocks largely flat on the day, and core […]

  • Dollar on the back foot

    The euro and sterling have both advanced against the dollar to trade at over $1.19 and close to $1.34 respectively this morning, leaving the single currency trading marginally firmer against the pound at just over 89p. Bond yields in the core markets nudged higher again yesterday as stocks chalked up solid gains The news that […]

  • Restrictions take a toll

    The euro and sterling rose to intra-day highs to over $1.19 and around $1.34 against the dollar respectively at one stage on Monday before both fell back by about a cent after the release of weaker than expected Euro Area and UK economic data, though they are clawing back some ground this morning. The single […]

  • Stocks take a breather

    The pound is a little firmer this morning, as negotiations on the future UK-EU relationship are set to continue this week, trading below 89p against the euro and at over $1.33 against the dollar, while the euro is not much changed against the US currency, hovering around the $1.1850 level having traded in a tight […]

  • Main exchange rates in tight ranges

    The main exchange rates continue to trade in relatively narrow ranges, as has been the case all week, with the euro hovering a touch above $1.1850 against the dollar this morning and sterling still trading in and around $1.3250 against the US currency, leaving the euro-pound exchange rate at around 89.5p (the range for this […]

  • Main exchange rates steady

    There’s not much change in the main exchange rates this morning. The pound is still trading close to 89p against the euro and at about $1.3250 against the dollar, while the euro is hovering in and around $1.1850 against the US currency. Core bond yields, meanwhile, edged down yesterday and are lower over the week […]

  • Sterling a little firmer

    Sterling is a touch firmer against both the euro and the dollar this morning, amid some talk that a deal between the UK and the EU might be in sight, trading just under 89.5p and at almost $1.33 respectively, while the single currency has also gained some ground against the dollar and is now knocking […]

  • Stocks advance again

    The main exchange rates are reasonably steady this morning. The euro is trading at about $1.1850 against the dollar, which is in and around the middle of the range that has prevailed recently, and just below 90p against sterling, while the pound is still hovering around the $1.32 level against the US currency. Meanwhile, core […]

  • Dollar a touch softer

    The euro and sterling are both a touch firmer against the dollar this morning, trading just north of $1.1850 and at over $1.32 respectively, with the single currency-pound rate hovering a little below 90p as the UK-EU trade talks enter a crucial week. Equity markets ended last week on a reasonably solid note and European […]