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The Economic Research Unit (ERU) provides commentary and analysis on economic and market events in Ireland, the UK, the Euro Area and US.

In addition to a daily blog, the ERU team provides weekly and monthly updates on the major economies, as well as regular reports on the Irish economy.  Our latest publications are available for download here.

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Euro drifts lower

26.04.2018 Daily blog

The euro continued to drift down against the dollar yesterday. It fell literally to within a whisker of the bottom of the $1.2150 to $1.2550 range that’s been in place since the beginning of February – its low for the day was  about $1.2160 – before recovering a tad (though it remains below $1.22 this morning). With sterling […]

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  • Ireland Newsflash – March 2018


    Economy grew by 7.8% in 2017; Consumer spending increased by 1.9%; Investment fell by 22.3%; Exports increased by 6.9%. Download the newsflash in full here: BOI_IRELAND_NEWFLASH_MARCH_2018  

  • UK Outlook – February 2018


    Steady as she goes for the economy: GDP growth of 1.7% in 2018; Consumer spending to slow to 1.0%; Unemployment rate to average 4.3%; Inflation elevated at 2.7%. Download the UK Outlook in full here: BOI_UK_Outlook_February_2018

  • Ireland Outlook – July 2017


    The Irish Economy: The economic outlook remains positive, albeit with some clouds on the horizon.

  • Weekly Round Up 20.04.2018


    This week’s highlights: EUR/$ falls to under $1.23; Sterling broadly weaker; UK CPI inflation falls to 2.5% in Mar; UK retail sales down 0.5% in Q1. Read the full Weekly Round Up below: Weekly Round Up 20 April 2018

  • Global Watch – March 2018


    Global economy doing well but tensions at play Fears of trade war to the fore; Momentum in global activity forecast to continue; Fed to raise interest rates further; Pound to remain sensitive to Brexit negotiations. Download the Global Watch in full here: BOI_Global Watch_March_2018    

  • Emerging Markets Update – December 2017


    Favourable outlook for EMEs: Continued solid growth in China; Moody’s raise India’s debt rating; Russian central bank cuts rates; Brazilian growth accelerates. Download the Update in full here: Emerging Markets Update December 2017

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