• ECB hikes by 50bps

    The euro is little changed really against the dollar and sterling this morning – despite the ECB’s larger than expected 50bps increase in interest rates yesterday – as it continues to trade in and around $1.02 and 85p respectively, while the pound is still hovering just below $1.20 against the US currency In government bond […]

  • Focus on the ECB today

    The euro is a touch weaker against the dollar and sterling ahead of the ECB’s monetary policy announcement later today, trading around $1.02 and at about 85p respectively, while the pound is hovering  just under $1.20 against the US currency Equity markets in Europe ended broadly flat yesterday while US stocks chalked up modest gains. […]

  • Euro gains more ground

    The euro has gained some more ground against the dollar to trade at around $1.0250 this morning, and is also a touch firmer against sterling at about 85.25p. The pound, meanwhile, is hovering just above $1.20 against the US currency European and US stocks rallied yesterday, the latter gaining almost 3%, and the former have […]

  • Dollar a little softer

    The euro and sterling have both recovered some ground against the dollar to trade at around $1.0150 and close to $1.20 respectively, leaving the single currency-pound exchange rate hovering a little below 85p European equity markets had another relatively positive session yesterday building on Friday’s gains, though US stocks reversed course to end lower on […]

  • ECB to hike rates this week

    The euro and sterling both shed around 1.5 cents against the dollar last week and kick off this week trading close to parity and just under $1.19 respectively. This in turn sees the single currency-pound exchange rate hovering in and around 85p at the start of play today Both European and US stocks ended the […]

  • Euro dips below parity for a time

    The euro dipped below parity against the dollar for a time yesterday amid political upheaval in Italy, while sterling is a little lower against the US currency at almost $1.18. This in turn sees the euro-pound exchange rate trading at around 84.75p Equity markets were under pressure again yesterday, with European stocks shedding the best […]

  • Further rise in US inflation

    The euro is trading around parity with the dollar this morning while sterling continues to hover just above $1.18 against the US currency, which in turns leaves the euro-pound exchange rate still trading in and around 84.5p Government bond yields ended slightly lower yesterday in the case of US 10-year yields (at around 2.95%) and […]

  • Euro remains at (just) above $1

    The Euro remains trading below $1.01 to the dollar, and while it has not yet breached parity – bouncing slightly off €1:$1 yesterday -, it remains under pressure with the momentum remaining on the side of the dollar. The single currency ebbed and flowed against sterling yesterday but it continues to trade in the 84p […]

  • Euro/Dollar approaching parity

    The euro has resumed its fall, after a brief respite on Friday, falling through the $1.01 level and now is trading just above $1.00, virtual parity with the greenback. The dollar was also rampant against sterling with the UK currency falling almost two cents to trade at $1.1850. As a result, the euro sterling cross […]

  • Euro bounces slightly but still under pressure

    The euro ended last week just below $1.02, having taken back a small amount of ground on Friday. This follows a dismal performance over the past week or so, with the single currency falling from around $1.06 to touch off below $1.01 at times. With European economic data showing weakness, the ever-present threat of Russia […]