• Dollar firmer

    The euro and the sterling have both lost further ground to the dollar. The single currency has weakened to just over $1.1750 and the pound has fallen to $1.29, while the latter has also slipped against the euro to trade at 91p this morning as renewed Brexit-related concerns begin to take a toll on the currency US […]

  • Sterling slips

    Sterling has lost some ground against both the euro and the dollar amid tensions between the UK and EU, falling to around 90p and to under $1.3150 respectively, while the single currency remains steady against the dollar trading at $1.18. Equity markets in the US were closed for a public holiday yesterday but European indices […]

  • Further employment gains in the US

    The euro is trading at around $1.18 against the dollar this morning having fallen back from a high of $1.20 over the latter part of last week, while sterling is hovering around the $1.32 level after also losing ground against the US currency late last week, all of which leaves the euro-pound rate at around […]

  • “Payrolls” report in the US today

    The euro and sterling are largely unchanged against the dollar this morning trading at just over $1.18 and just below $1.32 respectively, leaving the single currency-pound rate hovering a touch above the 89p level. US equity markets sold off quite sharply yesterday, led by the NASDAQ which closed more than 5% lower on the day, […]

  • Euro drifting lower

    The euro is drifting lower to trade at around $1.18 against the dollar and just below 89p against sterling this morning, with the pound hovering a touch under the $1.33 level against the US currency. European and US equity markets both gained almost 2% yesterday while core bond yields fell, led by a decline in German […]

  • Euro and pound off highs

    The euro and sterling are off their highs against the dollar, having traded at over $1.20 and close to $1.35 respectively at one stage early yesterday, with both more than 1 cent lower this morning at just under $1.19 and close  to $1.33, leaving the euro-pound rate still at 89p. Core bond yields edged lower […]

  • Dollar remains under pressure

    The dollar remains under pressure with the euro closing in on $1.20 against the US currency this morning and sterling trading just north of $1.34, which leaves the pound still hovering a little under 89.5p against the single currency. US stocks closed marginally lower yesterday while European indices closed marginally higher, with core bond yields […]

  • Dollar loses ground

    The dollar fell against both the euro and sterling on Friday as markets digested the Fed’s news from Thursday that they would use inflation averaging going forward implying lower for longer rates. The greenback fell to $1.19 versus the euro and $1.33 to sterling. The unsettled political situation in the US ahead of the upcoming […]

  • Fed shifts long term stance

    Fed Chairman Powell signalled that the Fed was shifting its approach to setting monetary policy implying it would tolerate periods of higher inflation and that rates would stay lower for longer. After a little intraday volatility, the dollar remained around $1.18 and $1.32 respectively though the currency has lost a little ground this morning. Equities edged […]

  • Stocks rise again

    The euro lost a small amount of ground to sterling yesterday, dipping below 90p for the first time this week. The currency also fell back a touch against the dollar but only briefly and quickly rose back to the above the $1.18 level it has been at for most of this week. Equities edged higher again […]